Data security explanation of the users of our homepage


Information about the elevation of personal dates


In the following we inform about the elevation of personal dates with use of our website. We raise, store, are of use, transmit or extinguish the following personal dates:

Personal dates are z.   B. Name, address, e-mail addresses.

We process personal dates only, as far as this is necessary for the provision of this web page, as well as the contents offered by us and performances, in particular so for invoice production and dispatch purposes.

With an establishment of contact with us by phone, e-mail or about a contact form the dates informed by you (your e-mail address, if necessary your name and your phone number) are stored by us to answer your questions. We extinguish the dates resulting in this connection, after the storage is not necessary any more, or the processing is limited, if legal safekeeping duties exist. Third are made not accessible these dates.

Elevation of personal dates in visit of our web page

With the only informatorischen use of the website, so if you do not register yourselves or otherwise transmit us information, we raise only the personal dates which your browser transmits to our server. If you liked to look at our website, we raise the following dates which are technically necessary for us to indicate you our website and to guarantee the stability and security:


IP address
Date and time of the inquiry
Content of the requirement (concrete side)
in each case transferred date amount
The website from which the requirement comes
Browser / provider


We look at it as our high-priority assignment to protect the confidentiality of the personal dates provided by you and to protect this against unauthorized accesses. Therefore, we apply extreme care and the most modern safety standards to guarantee a maximum protection of your personal dates.

We are defeated by the regulations of the European data security reason order (DSGVO) and the regulations of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). We have taken technical and organizational measures which make sure that the regulations about the data security are noticed by us, as well as by our external service companies.


Data security

This side is of use for reasons of the security and for the protection of the transference of confidential contents, as for example of the inquiries which you send to us as a side operating authority, a SSL encoding. You recognise a coded connection by the fact that the address line of the browser of "http://" on "https://" changes and in the castle symbol in your browser line.

If the encoding SSL is activated, the dates which you transmit to us cannot be coread by third.

Contact form

If you hand over inquiries to us by contact form, the dates informed by you (e-mail address, name, phone number) are stored to be able to answer your questions. These dates are extinguished, as soon as they are not needed any more and pass no legal safekeeping duties. Third are made not accessible these dates.


Your rights

You have to us towards the following rights, concerning with us about you to stored dates:

Surely on correction and deletion

Surely on information

Surely on restriction of the processing

Surely on date transferability

Surely on contradiction against the processing


You have the right to revoke given approvals with effect for the future.


You can receive on inquiry by e-mail to information of the dates stored about you. You have the right to let extinguish dates with us, provided that on our part no legal duty exists to the storage.


Name and contact dates for the processing persons responsible as well as the company data security official:


They send your inquiry in

The manager, Mr. Bernd Speck is responsible.


You have further the right to complain at the responsible supervisory authority for the data security if you take the view that the processing of your personal dates follows not rightfully.

The address of the supervisory authority responsible for us is:


Land-data protection instructed for Lower Saxony

Barbara Thiel

Prinzenstr. 5

30159 Hannover