Sendra 8286 brown Biker Boots - SALE

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instead 190,08 EUR
only 176,00 EUR

Sendra Biker Boots article 8286 brown /
the classic sqare point biker bootee for ladies and gents /
oiled leather brown in vintage (used) optic /
leathersole with added rubbersole /
handmade - "goodyear welted" by SENDRA in Spain /
laminated, massive heel ca 3.5 cm

Note: Sendra processes the various kinds of leather in variable colors.
The intensity of staining is in this leather at each delivery different (lighter or darker).
It is therefore possible that the color of the boot delivered differs from the displayed image accordingly
(in consequence of the intensity at oiling process for example).

Note to your order:
Order your normal shoe size.
Not larger, the boots have a little more volume than most other shoes.
The boots should first fit a little tight and compact. In the run-in phase the leather will become much softer.

These boots are suitable with a high instep. Better for a low instep and slim foot are the Biker Boots 2746!

SENDRA BOOTS are handmade in Spain since more than 100 years.

SENDRA BOOTS are „Goodyear Welted“ -
using best leathers and well formed lasts they create boots
of exceptional quality and fitting in 250 steps.
SENDRA represent traditional handcraft with a long experience.

Your new SENDRA BOOTS will have a long life period – and will be more beautiful with each passed year!